One of the most perfect weddings ...

Saturday, July 30, 2005
I think for my first blog entry, I’ll talk about a recent coordination I did for a couple currently based in California. The wedding took place at Woodend in Chevy Chase, Md. and it was amazing. The bride wore a form fitting, lace strapless gown, which accented her hourglass figure amazingly well. The Groom wore a beige 3-button summer suit with a perfectly accented tie. As I sat listening to the Ceremony, I thought to myself – this is one of the most perfect weddings I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with. The Bride and Groom had their own sense of style, and it showed in every aspect of the wedding. The natural wooded surroundings; the cupcake tree in lieu of a traditional cake; the family photos that adorned the mantle; the photo guestbook that allowed guests to take Polaroid pictures of themselves! The wedding exuded a sense of style! and class, while maintaining Lisa and Tyler’s imprint.

All weddings should be like this wedding. The wedding should have your stamp all over it. People go to weddings all the time; but they will only go to your wedding once. Make sure you covey your spirit and your sense of style. Make sure the guests feel like they have shared the special day with you as an insider. And make sure that you have someone else like me worrying about the details. The couple couldn’t care less about cuing the musicians, or making sure guests approached the buffet in an orderly fashion. The couple didn’t have time to check on the transportation! or make sure the lemonade was poured for guests to enjoy. What they did have time for was each other. They had time to relax, enjoy their guests and soak in the moment. You may have a lot of say so in the planning of your wedding. But when your day arrives, take a cue from my couple – Let someone else worry about the details, while you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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