Congratulations Kelli & Michael: May 29, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

Wow, this was an interesting one at Ft. McNair! The bride was Hawaiian, and definitely had her own sense of style. The ceremony was on the outdoor lawn, right in front of the Potomac River. They really weren't very traditional at all, in fact. Instead of the normal wedding cake, they actually had an ice cream sundae bar! It was very cool. Kelli also had a pretty good sense of humor. In the program, they created a list of FAQ; Among them:

Q: Why isn't Kelli changing her last name?
A: Why should she? Michael isn't changing his :-)

Kinda cool, eh? .... The photographer for this wedding was Michael Temchine.

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Congratulations to Jess & Mike: June 10th, 2005

Ahh - Jess & Mike: "Our peeps" as we like to call them :-) ... They were so cool and so funny, and made us feel like we were old friends, not coordinators. Jess and Mike Turicchi married at Whitehall Manor on June 10th. The gorgeous 18th Century estate was the perfect backdrop for the casual couple. Jess made her entrance to the Ceremony in a classic Caddy driven by her dad. The photographers for this event were Raf Suanes and Carlos Suanes of RCS Photography

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Congratulations Lisa & Tyler: July, 9th 2005

Congratulations to Lisa and Tyler Skowrup! They were married July 9th at Woodend Mansion. The couple are actually based in Santa Monica, CA, but came back to the DC area to be married.

Lisa is a buyer for a major fashion label, and her style showed through in her intricate lace gown. The couple threw a great party, including cupcakes in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. This is the couple I referred to in my first blog entry. We really enjoyed working with Lisa and Tyler!

The photographer for this wedding was the talented Joseph Beatty.

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Congratulations Kristin and Paul: May 22, 2005

Paul and Kristin were one of our cutest couples. They celebrated their wedding at the Atrium at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. It was a perfect day for their Sunday afternoon wedding. Kristin had just started a new job, and didn't even have the next day off after her wedding! We did love them though; Paul was so pleased with us, that he gave us a bottle of their good wine as a thank you ;-) Their photographer was the very pleasant Steve Whysall


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Congratulations Cortney & Scott: June 18th, 2005

Cortney and Scott had one of the most unique weddings we've had the pleasure of Coordinating on June 18th. The Ceremony was held at the DC War Memorial - which sits between the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.

The backdrop couldn't have been better. There are some additional pictures of the couple's wedding in our Gallery. We had met with Scott and Cortney several times before the wedding, but this was the first time we ever saw her hair down - it is GORGEOUS!
The Reception took place on the Odyssey Cruise Boat. Guests enjoyed the sounds of Chaine Link Band, one of the best bands I have heard in a while :-) The photographer for this wedding was the very talented Bill Crandell for the Wedding Bureau.

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Congratulations Laura & Patrick: October 2nd, 2005

Congratulations to Laura Rehrmann and Patrick Ross. They were married on October 2nd at Woodend Mansion. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the Noon wedding. Laura and Patrick were one of our most laid back and carefree couples. They hired very good vendors, and the day went smoothly. Well, almost everything - we did have bees attacking our poor bartender! But, we had some bug spray in the Emergency kit, and all's well that ends well :-) The photographer for this wedding was the talented Heather Martin Morrissey.

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