Check out our Supermodel couple!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Well, they aren't really supermodels, but they should be. Our bride Jennie contacted us to tell us that her Engagement pictures were up. I love pictures, so I usually stop whatever I'm doing to take a look. Gosh, they are AMAZING! I emailed Jennie and told her (and I quote):

Damn - your man is HOT!! Good choice, girlfriend ;-)

I mean it, what a hottie. And she is so good looking herself. Can you imagine what Jennie and Tyler's kids will look like?!? ... They will pop out being Ralph Lauren models - HaHa!

Anyway, I immediately asked if I could post some of their pics to the blog, because they are stunning. The photographer is Greg Gibson. We haven't had the pleasure of working with him before, but I can't WAIT now! Look at the pictures and tell me what you think. Feel free to post comments on them. He's a Pulitzer Prize winner... Yes, you read that correctly - he is THE MAN......!!!!! Jennie and Tyler are marrying next Summer - I know their photos will definitely make it into our Gallery ;-)

My favorite pic is the one with Jennie kicking her heel up - that one is priceless. You can contact Greg on his website: Greg Gibson Photography

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I think I was Greek in my former life.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005
Hello there.... Well, I am up blogging after my WONDERFUL Greek wedding last night. Actually, I just came back from a hike in Great Falls, MD. My wedding ended at 11:00pm, I cleared out the couple's items by Midnight, I was in bed by 1am, and back up at 5am for a morning hike. It is a beautiful day today - but I think I must be crazy to be hiking after the long wedding we had yesterday! Once I take a shower, I think I'll crash ;-)

So, about the wedding. Without going into the gory details, let's just say there was a "lotta bit-a" drama going on... not just a little bit of drama, but a lotta bita drama! I won't blame anyone, but let me give you a couple of pieces of advice - hire a coordinator to deal with vendors that may cause you angst - believe me it's worth the money. Also, get *everything* in writing... that's all I'll say..... Several people / things made my bride frantic a few weeks before this wedding - for no reason. Instead of blissfully enjoying the weeks leading up to her wedding, unfortunately a lot of stress was thrown her way.

But, having said all of that, this was one of our BEST WEDDINGS EVER - HANDS DOWN. Lia and Ben know how to throw a party. They had a traditional ceremony at Saint Sophia's Greek Orthodox Cathedral, in Washington DC. If you have never been to a traditional Ceremony, you're missing out. It's steeped in tradition, and *very* meaningful. The Ceremony yesterday was much like it was 1000 years ago. And, Father John is a hoot - lemme tell you, he likes things done HIS way. He's been there for about 48 years, and he runs that place like a well-oiled machine - and I don't think he much cares for Coordinators ;-) ... But, by the end of the wedding, he told me that he'd marry me if he wasn't already spoken for (He's been married to his wife Harriett for more than 40 years? I may be off on that, it may be many more - but they are a great couple!). He gave me hugs and kisses, and told me that we did a great job! That was a big compliment coming from him! I plan to attend a service soon, just to get a great big hug and kiss from Father John!

Lia looked amazing in a silk number with a plunging neckline - *very* sexy... I dunno who the designer was, but I'll find out... It's one of those dresses that make you look like a woman - you know, the way Marilyn Monroe always looked gorgeous in any dress she wore.. Lia looked GOOD........ Lia and Ben's reception was at the Meridian - and it was GORGEOUS!!! The house looked so beautiful. Her color scheme was pink and chocolate brown... Gorgeous... We had a traditional Greek Bouzouki band for the cocktail hour and dinner...

.........so, we're EXACTLY on schedule and the guests are enjoying the band. Lia had family and friends all the way from Greece, and they put on a show - they danced and laughed to the Bouzouki band, and all was wonderful. I must say, it's those moments that remind you what a wedding is about - family, enjoying food, music and each other. They were doing traditional dances and clapping and laughing. And then - "HOPA"!!!!! (I hope I spelled that right) There are plates smashing on the floor! I tell you, it was crazy!! They were laughing, dancing, and did NOT want to be disturbed! So, here was my dilemma, I had a schedule to keep, but they wanted to enjoy the moment; I was stuck... Should I be the big bad Coordinator who has to stick to the schedule, or let the guests enjoy themselves?!?!? ...

..............Well, let's just say our reception was thrown off by an hour ;-) ... This is when you have to step back as a Coordinator - weddings take on a life of their own; Who was I to disrupt that?!!?! We finally got everyone in for dinner, and moved on to the party - well, the second party! Lia and Ben hired an American band (Johnny Artis Band) to perform for the Reception. They were really great. We went from breaking plates while listening to Greek music, to hearing covers of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. It was great! They were so good, my guests didn't want to leave at 11!!!! I had to make the band stop playing! (The Meridian neighbors get very ticked off if music is going after 11). The party didn't stop there, they continued at the hotel until the wee hours of the morning! So, I gotta tell you, I had so much fun coordinating this wedding. The family made me feel like I was one of them, and they had FUN. I do think I was Greek in my former life - I got the "kissing on two cheeks" thing down pat! Gosh, I wish all weddings are as wonderful as this one. The photographer was Michelle Frankfurter (who I *love*, by the way). As soon as the pics are out, I'll post some :-)