Mollie & Clay; Wow, what a really great couple ;-)

So, we were back at the Westin Grand last night. The Westin Grand's Promenade does not look like your average hotel, and it is a wonderful venue to have a wedding.

I met with Mollie and her parent's about a year ago, and Mollie hired me for Day of Coordination. I didn't meet Clay until our 30 day meeting. I think they "look" perfect together. Mollie is tall, with jet black hair and the most beautiful face. She's a stunner, actually. Clay reminds me of one of those guys from the beach, who just surfs all day. He's got one of those haircuts that has his hair in his face just a bit, and he's the most relaxed guy you'd ever want to meet. Just really cool to me. They are the epitome of laid back, relaxed & welcoming. They make everyone around them comfortable and they allow people to "just be." They are so unpretentious - it's quite refreshing actually. I just LOVED them. You want me to show you how cool Mollie is? Look at this picture taken by their *awesome* photographer Glenn Barnett.

Isn't this great! Mollie loves to have a great time! This picture was taken when the Bridal Party went for pictures at the Lincoln Memorial. Doesn't she look gorgeous in her Vera Wang dress??? I'll post pics when Glenn sends me some more. Glenn is really a fabulous photographer, and I can't wait to see the full set of pictures. I peeked over his shoulder a couple of times last night, and I saw some great pics.

So the Ceremony and Reception were both at the Westin Grand. Last week, our couple dealt with torrential downpours. Mollie & Clay couldn't have asked for a better day. It was simply perfect. Not too hot, and no rain!!! The Ceremony took place in the Courtyard, and it created a bit of a vacuum, so it actually wasn't too hot at all. The Ceremony featured an interfaith Christian/Jewish Service. It was really meaningful and special.

Once the Ceremony was over, the Cocktails began. Mollie and Clay presented a Sushi bar for their guests. It was so popular though, it was gone in 15 minutes! The Reception featured a 5 course meal - appetizer course, salad course, intermezzo, Main course and dessert! And, there was still cake! The guests were able to enjoy the courtyard all night, and boy did they take advantage of it!

The DJ was the great Kirk Rubley from Kirkabee DJ's. I do love him, and he sure does know how to throw a great party. There was a bit of a lull for about 20 minutes (most of the guests made a dash to the bar :-). After that, the floor was packed the entire night. I heard some of my favorite songs last night:

  • Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
  • And some Kelly Clarkson for good measure ;-) (yeah, I like Kelly Clarkson)

Oh, and know I get to say my favorite phrase:


Gerry and Rebecca over at Petal's Edge provided the flowers. Mollie's color scheme was a light pink / hot pink combo. It was really very pretty - her bouquet comprised of orchids, peonies and roses. It was really amazing. Each bridesmaid’s bouquets consisted of one flower from Mollie's bouquet. So, one bouquet was made up of only peonies, another made of only orchids. It was really cool! The color scheme continued in the girls dresses - beautiful A line dresses from Aria, all in a different style.

Natalie, the Social Catering Manager over at the Westin Grand really did a great job. I have to send a special thanks to Chris, the Banquet Captain. Chris was a tremendous help to us when we were at the Westin in April. That help continued last night at Mollie & Clay's wedding. He was so amazing behind the scenes, making sure everything was perfect. He really knows how to do his job amazingly well, and he respects us enough that we work in perfect harmony.

I just want to say thank you to Mollie and Clay. Mollie gave me the biggest, tightest hug at the end of the Wedding night. She said that she was so glad to have me be apart of their wedding, and I did a great job. I actually started to blush. My staff and I did work hard, but it was easy to do that for Mollie! She just inspires you to go above and beyond. And Clay was so appreciative as well.

  • Thank you Mollie for interviewing us
  • Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ifshin (Mollie’s parent’s) for hosting a wonderful party
  • Thank you Clay for being so cool to me
  • Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Winters for helping to make the wedding amazing

Well, I'm off for a month! No more weddings in July. I am going to do the following this month:

  • Hang out in Atlantic City with my husband for a long weekend
  • Travel to North Carolina for my family's 32nd Annual family reunion
  • Have dinner with at least 6 of my former couples/parent's from 2006
  • Clean my house
  • Hang some photos I've had in frames for months
  • Get someone to build a banquette for my kitchen
  • Work on tasks for many of my 2007 partial clients
  • SLEEP!!!!!!

I can't wait to sleep! That should be the first thing on my TO DO list!! The first half of the wedding season has been good to us. I'm looking forward to having this break, then pushing full steam ahead for the second half of the wedding season. We slow down a bit, with only 2 weddings each month through December. We are in some really cool places, and I can't wait to talk about those couples.

ta ta for now ;-)


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9:36 PM, July 04, 2006

Oh, Kim! I'm so sad we don't have a wedding together again soon! You just rock, and some of our favorite weddings are with you. Why? Because we know every contingency plan will be thought of, all t's crossed and i's dotted, and things will go smoothly with you at the helm. You rock! Gerry    

5:19 PM, July 06, 2006

We're so bummed we won't see you in July, Kim, but have a GREAT month off. You SO deserve it!

Oh, and we must work with Kirk - you just can't go wrong with a little Def and some Bon Jovi. Perfection! :)

Anne and Bill    

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