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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Hi all! I will definitely be posting in the Press section of the website, but I wanted to let you all know about our brides that have had some press recently. If you pick up the latest edition of the Washingtonian (January 2006), our bride Mareesa Frederick (August 13, 2005) has a picture shown in the makeup section in the 2006 Wedding guide. She looks GORGEOUS!! You have to actually pick up the hard copy of the magazine, because the pictures for the article wont be posted on the website...... That wedding at the Meridian was amazing ( I blogged about it), and I am so glad it got some press. Maybe we'll see their pictures turn up somewhere else!

Two of our 2006 couples were featured in the Washington Post Express on Friday, January 6th. In the B.I.O (By Invitation Only) Section, Stephanie Danis & Josh Wolson (04.22.06) and Jackie Surles & Josh Shepard (04.29.06) were interviewed. They both looked wonderful, and I am SO proud of them!

I can't wait to blog about both of those weddings. Stephanie and Josh will be married at the Fairmont in DC; Jackie and Josh will be married right across the street at the Westin Grand. They will both be fabulous. You can check out the edition here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/express/pdfs/EXPRESS_01062006.pdf

I never congratulated one of my best couples ever....

I never posted about one of the best couples that I had. They were SO nice to me, and really treated me as a part of their family. Maria and Stan are one of my older couples - not in their 20's! .. I LOVED that, because they had a really refreshing take on the whole wedding thing. No favors, not a lot of fuss over flowers. But, they made sure the drinks flowed, and people had fun. It was SO fun! I remember dancing to "Let me clear my throat!" by DJ Kool with one of their good friends. He was PLASTERED!!! But it was SO fun!! They did not treat us like hired help, they just treated us like friends.

I really do adore them. Stan actually was not impressed with the whole "Coordinator" thing! I really had to win him over. With the help of Maria, we did! And, he's one of our biggest fans :-) .... They have two GREAT sons, who are really very cool.

You know, when you meet a very wonderful couple, you become a part of their life for a very short period of time. Leading up to the wedding, our couples will talk to us more than their best friends! And, what friends to have for a brief period of time..... They were married in March of 2005... Of all my couples so far, Maria and Stan are the ones I root for the most ;-)

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Happy 2006!

Hello all!

Well, I have really fallen off the wagon with my blogging, but my first resolution is to update weekly! I will be posting a ton very soon - as I have many pics I want to show. We'll also be adding to the Gallery as well. And, I will update the calendar! We have been hired for many more weddings, and I'll update the Calendar so you guys will be in the loop ;-)

If you guys ever want to get my, just email me (use the email listed on the Contact page), or reply to any one of the blog entries.

Happy 2006!