Serendipity kicked off the Wedding Season on Saturday!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, Serendipity has officially kicked off the 2006 Season. We had one of our cutest couples this past Saturday, but I must say, it was one of the wildest, craziest wedding days EVER.

I had planned on going straight to the Ceremony Site with my assistant 2 hours before the Ceremony, while my partner Angel headed to the Reception Site to be in charge of that setup. I left my house at 2:15pm, in anticipation of arriving at 3:00pm at the Ceremony Site. Well, I get a call at 2:20 from the Bride - she is FRANTIC. Let me tell you guys the story:

  • The Sprinklers go off in the girls "Ready Room." And when I say go off, I mean GO OFF. The sprinklers started blasting water. I was told the paint was peeling off of the walls – that’s how hard the water was coming down. The Photographer (Evan Bishop), his assistant (Vincent) and the Videographer (Matt Buerhaus) where all there. Apparently, Evan immediately turns to get his equipment out of the water. He sees the THE DRESS as he is turning. He grabs it and RUNS to the ONLY corner of the room that isn't wet. You see, one sprinkler in the corner malfunctioned, and did not go off. Evan had a blanket over the bag the dress was in, and huddled in the corner! He was in the corner for at least 15 minutes! He was trapped!
  • I want to give everyone a little heads up: Sprinklers in places like a hotel don't just release water; They release a FIRE RETARTENT material as well! As I was talking to Matt, he kept mentioning that he thought his clothes reeked, because this substance was all over him!
  • 7 Firefighters came to the Room and there were trucks blocking the streets!
  • I hear the Vincent got soaked while trying to help the girls get out with their dresses.
  • They saved the Bride's dress, the Bride's shoes and the Bridesmaids dresses - everything else was under 3" of water.
  • The Hotel did get them into another room, and the Makeup artist was able to get my Bride composed enough to get her face done!
  • Miraculously, the dress, only had a little damage on the back - if you got up close, you could see some Black spots (from the fire retardant)
  • It appears that Evan, Vincent and Matt SAVED the day. The Bride repeatedly said that those guys saved her wedding.
  • Matt got almost EVERTYTHING on film. He says he's going to send it to Wild Weddings ;-)

As you can suspect, I was freaking out on the way to the Church - I completely went the wrong way! I was thinking of heading straight to the Hotel, but what could I do? I couldn't stop the sprinklers! I couldn't change anything?!? ... I called Evan and Matt - they were doing everything they could, so I needed to head to the Church to meet the Florist. I had to dive into my Emergency kit to find my new stick of deodorant - geez!

Well, I get to the Church and do my setup, and I call over to the Room every 10 minutes. The bridesmaids (and her Brides “man” – her cool guy friend) got my Bride focused, and they were able to get dressed. Her Bridal Party really stepped up to the plate and took control. They had planned to go downtown for pictures - but of course that went out the window.

Then we get to the Transportation. I had talked to the transportation company the day before the wedding, and confirmed everything. Well, the day of the wedding was a different story - the driver couldn't find her keys, and got lost on the way to 16th & S Street - that's not exactly the hardest place to find. Because of the driver (not the whole sprinkler thing :-), we started the wedding 22 minutes late. Thank goodness the Officiant moved pretty quickly - we took formal pictures, and got the Party over to the Reception Site - Top of the Town. I had to LEAD the limo from downtown to Top of the Town!! It’s a good thing I knew where I was going! But, my palms were sweating – I’ve never had a limo follow ME before!

We finally get over to the Reception; The Reception site looked impeccable - this was one area of the day which was fabulous. We were able to get back some time that we lost. My Bride and Groom were able to eat, and then just enjoy their guests. The day ended a lot better than it began :-)

I do have to give a major shout out to Evan of Bishop Photography, Matt of Buerhaus Design, Enrico & Henry over at Marco Polo Catering and all of the folks at Top of the Town. My Bride hired some great professionals – and it showed on Saturday :-)


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