Stephanie & Josh - I love this couple :-)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Our wedding this past Saturday didn't end until 1am. I left at 1:45am. I got in the bed by 2:30am. I was up at 5:30am to work out. And then, I CRASHED!!!!! I was SO sleepy - why did I have to get up and work out???... Oh, it was those handmade caramel brownies made by the Mother of the Groom…. Ahh, I'll get to that later though :-)

I think I always become somewhat attached to all of my couples. But, you inevitably get more attached to your Partial and Full clients, because you spend more time with them. Stephanie hired me exactly a year before her wedding. We had many status meetings, phone calls, and tonso emails. I just looked at my email folder for Stephanie and Josh (I keep ALL emails) and I have 1,192 emails in her folder! We probably emailed each other 5 or 6 times a day - and more when there was something on!!

I adore Stephanie. Don't get me wrong, I *really* liked Josh a lot, but Stephanie and I were in daily contact. Stephanie also became friends with two of my other brides! Mareesa (who I posted about before), and Jackie (who will be getting married this week - don't worry, she's another one I've been super attached to!). It's very funny how Serendipity Brides have formed their own friendships!

So anyway, back to Stephanie – she is so cute, so adorable, and so kind. From the moment I interviewed with her, I liked her. People ask me this all the time – do I interview over the phone – and the answer is NO. Absolutely not. I must meet at least the Bride in person. We spend so much time together, that I must meet them in person to see if we “click.” Well, I clicked with Stephanie right away. You may or may not know that Serendipity has been in business about 3 years. I believe Stephanie interviewed with some other high end Coordinators with many more years of experience. I was hoping that she’d have faith in what I could bring her. It turns out – she did. I was SO happy!!!!

Over the past year, we’ve dealt with Stationary, Lighting, Florists, Linens, Catering, Reception Music, Videography, and a whole lot of other little things that you need to deal with to have a great wedding. Sometimes I was stressed; Stephanie has great taste, and sometimes it was frustrating for her to get her ideas across to her vendors. But, we finally managed to get her vision across to all of her vendors. And the result? Simply STUNNING.

Before I talk about the wedding, I just want everyone to know how kind Stephanie really is. Her fashion style is a mix of Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBG and a little Prada thrown in for good measure. Every time I saw her, I loved what she had on – even if it was just jeans! So, my partner Angel and I went to her house for one of our status meetings. Stephanie had tons of clothes and shoes hanging over her railing. She mentioned that she was giving them to Goodwill. Angel and I starting gushing over how nice the clothes were – most of them had dry cleaning tags on, and were in impeccable shape. We then mentioned that we had a younger cousin (23 years old), who was trying to break into the job market, and didn’t have a lot of clothes. We were joking that Stephanie was her same size, and she’d kill for those clothes. Stephanie immediately insisted that we take everything and anything from the pile. There were beautiful skirts and dresses and suits. We told her we couldn’t possibly do that, but she insisted. We finally took the clothes, and immediately took them to our cousin. You should’ve seen her face, it was like Christmas for her. She tried them all on, and wouldn’t take off the jeans that Stephanie gave her! She was beaming ear to ear, and couldn’t believe someone was so generous. I will never forget how wonderful Stephanie was to give those items to my cousin.

So, back to the wedding: Stephanie had one of the most MAGNIFICANT weddings I have ever witnessed! Now, we didn’t have everything we wanted – the weather wouldn’t cooperate, and we had downpours intermixed with steady rain. We had planned for outdoor pictures at Union Station and an Outdoor Cocktail hour. Those things didn’t go as planned, but, you know what? It was still beautiful, nonetheless. The wedding was at the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown DC. I was so impressed at how professional and fabulous the staff at the Fairmont was. Bob Mikolitch is the Director of Catering. Bob will make sure your day is flawless. He was great to work with from the beginning, and he especially worked overtime in the two weeks leading up to the wedding. I think we were in daily contact to make sure the final details were squared away. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to taking other brides to the Fairmont.

John Duffy at Yellow Door did Stephanie’s flowers. They were STUNNING. She had tulips, peonies and cherry blossoms. The Cherry Blossoms looked heavenly. It’s always dicey when you want Cherry Blossoms. You are at the mercy of the weather gods – and frankly, the crop doesn’t always turn out so well. But, the crop John got for Stephanie was fabulous. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can snag some from her photographer.

And that photographer would be the famous Matt Mendelsohn. This was my first opportunity to work with him. He is such a laid back, easygoing guy, you’d never know he was so darn good at what he does. I actually get to work with him again in 2 weeks – I’m so psyched! He said to me that he got one of the best pictures he’s shot all year at Stephanie’s wedding. Now, I don’t mean the 2006 wedding season, I mean in the last 12 months! Here is a shot that Matt took:

Stephanie wore a stunning Monique Lhuillier with a gold sash. She also had a mantilla veil created for her by another bride’s mother. It was so pretty.

The lighting was done by John Farr Lighting. She had bright pink uplights, and pinspotting on all of the centerpieces. Gosh, it was so pretty. I took pictures with my camera phone, but I don’t think they’ll look too good, so I’ll wait for the real thing from Matt ;-)

The mother of the Groom, Gail, made homemade treats for all of the guests. She had Rice Krispy treats, Caramel brownies, cookies of all sorts, and other goodies! The guests got a real kick out of them. Oh, and I forgot – Stephanie had one of the best cocktails stations I’ve seen in a long time: She had a comfort foods station. On this station, there were french fries in mini cones, mini grilled cheese, mini hamburgers, pigs in a blanket and mac n’ cheese in mini crock-pots. It was SO cool! And, Stephanie was so sweet, she insisted that we taste some of the treats. I was able to sneak over and get a mini cheeseburger – yummy!

Josh is the perfect compliment to Stephanie – he’s handsome, level headed, and very much on top of the finances! He allows Stephanie to be the free spirit that she is, while loving her the whole time. Some people have been known to make bets on how long couples will last (not me, of course – haha!). But, I have my money riding on this couple. They just fit together. They have great senses of humor, and they compliment each other. To give you an idea of their sense of humor, check out their program – I’ve scanned it in for you to see (and I’ve taken off last names – to protect the innocent ;-)

Okay, so I’ll stop rambling. The wedding was fabulous. The couple was a bit demanding, but fabulous nonetheless. Serendipity was proud to be a part of this fabulous event.

Stephanie, can you please invite me to any other parties you have? Because I know they will be to die for ;-)


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I'm glad we braved the Rain: Sherene and Steve were so great!

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Well, April 8th certainly was a dreary day. It was cold and rainy. and cold. and rainy. It was one of those days where you'd just stay in bed under the covers. But, there was a wedding for at least one couple, so the show had to go on.

Sherene and Steve had their Ceremony at Dahlgren Chapel on the Campus of Georgetown University. The plan was to take pictures before the Ceremony in the Courtyard directly in front of the Chapel. I just knew that Sherene wouldn't want to brave 40-degree weather in a strapless gown. But, she was such a trooper. She would pose for a picture, and then we'd dart out and cover her with the umbrella! It was actually very funny :-) ... Thank goodness there was a covered porch were most of the pictures could be taken. The photographer was Sandi Foraci (who rocks, by the way :-). After the Ceremony, the couple headed down to the Capitol for *more* outdoor pictures! I don't know how they did it! Sandi actually told me that their pictures would be fabulous - because digital photos are best when there is cloudy weather. So, there may actually be a silver lining to all that rain after all ;-)

While the Wedding was held in a Catholic Church, the couple also honored Sherene's Persian Heritage. At the beginning of the Reception (at Fort McNair), they treated their guests to a Persian Ceremony. The ceremony normally takes place in a specially decorated room with flowers and a beautiful and elaborately decorated spread on the floor called "Sofreh-ye Aghd". Our couple didn't have the spread on the floor; rather they sat at a table! Since I won't do the explanation justice, you can check out this website for a detailed explanation of the Ceremony: http://www.farsinet.com/Persian_wedding. Here's an example table setup:


After the Persian Ceremony, the guests got to enjoy a really nice buffet dinner, and some good music! The DJ, Kirk Rubley, did a great job as usual. Oh, and of course I have to give ANOTHER shout out to my girls over at Petal's Edge. Wait until you see Sherene's pictures - the bouquets were SO beautiful. I tell you, I don't know how Gerry and Rebecca do it every week. Their flowers are so stunning. 3 of my next 5 weddings are with them - I'm so happy - YAY!

Anyhoo.. I'm not really sure where I'm going with the rest of this post. I guess you guys can see I'm not a professional writer! I guess I'll say this: Sherene and Steve are both lawyers. And while I think that they both had confidence in me, I do think that Sherene was very nervous, as she was constantly double and triple checking to make sure everything was okay! But, on the day of the wedding, she was a completely different person. She was a relaxed, beautiful bride who simply put the details in the hands of the professionals. Sherene is really beautiful - and I admire her and Steve. They are so smart, and actually quite funny. I was glad to have met them. I do hope they invite me back to their wonderful home in Old Town ;-)


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