Melissa & Greg: The Doctor and the Actor!

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Melissa is an Orthopedic surgeon - Greg is an actor - they met at a bar... or was it a party? ... at any rate, here we are!

This couple was very cool. We were actually hired by them almost a year ago - and I do believe they interviewed with some very high end Coordinators before picking Serendipity. It's always nice to win a very high-end wedding over some of the more established Coordinators in the area. They like us; they really like us!

The wedding Ceremony took place at St. Aloysius Church (The Church on Gonzaga High School's campus), and the Reception took place at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Yesterday was GORGEOUS. The weather was absolutely perfect. I love Melissa - actually, everyone calls her Lisa. Lisa is so cool, and laid back. You'd think a doctor would have to have control of everything, but she was so laid back, and wanted us to take care of the details.

Matt Mendelsohn was the photographer. We just worked together a couple of weeks ago at Stephanie's wedding. I was psyched to work with him again, and he showed me a couple of great shots he took. I'm going to bug him for one or two to show you all. He was cool as ever, and we can't wait to do it again ;-)

We did have a scare though. The ladies were getting dressed at the Sofitel Hotel, a block away from the White House. There was a suspicious package nearby, so they blocked the whole area. This meant that Matt and the makeup artist - Carola Myers - had the WORST time trying to get through. Matt was able to get through okay, but Carola had to wait for about 45 minutes before they would let her through with her equipment. Lisa took it all in stride though. She called me on my cell, and was like "Um, yeah, there are secret service trucks outside of my hotel..... I’m sure things will be cool" ... She was funny! But, everything else was so great, I guess we were due for something crazy to happen!

Lisa and Greg hired 3Citron as the Caterer. Philippe is a very interesting character. I love French Chefs! The food was fabulous; The cake was provided by Heidelberg Bakery. It was so yummy - Lisa specifically asked me if I got a piece. So I snuck over and got an extra piece. It was SO GOOD!!!

And of course, Petal's Edge did the flowers. Lisa's color scheme was purple, orange and green. I know, you're thinking - WHAT??? ... Let me tell you, the flowers were STUNNING! I don't know how PE's put together such beautiful bouquets. They were so beautiful. They put together a breathtaking arrangement for the entryway. I tell you, I don’t know all of the names of the flowers - I will just post a picture when I can! There were 6 arrangements in totals. Each was a single color – It was stunning. The linens for the Cocktail hour were purple; The linens for the Reception were Orange. It was so pretty. Gerry came back at the end of the night, and she let me have a few of the leftover flowers. My house looks so pretty today!

I do have to give a HUGE shout out to the Band - ARMARETTO. They stole the show. I tell you, they had the dance floor packed the ENTIRE time. They were so good, and I can't wait to recommend them. They did Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, the Pointer Sisters, Rihanna (The younger set will know who she is) and the Black Eyed Peas. I couldn't believe how versatile they were - and they sounded WONDERFUL!!

NMWA is a fabulous site. We are lucky enough to have another wedding there on June 3rd. I can't wait for that one either!

Okay, I worked out this morning at 6am. Then I ran some errands. I know it’s beautiful outside, but I need to take a nap for an hour. Then I will rejoin civilization :-)


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