Jackie & Josh: My Marine Corps Officer & his bride ;-)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
NOTE: Sorry, my blog file got screwy and I had to republish this post. I originally posted it on May 7th, 2006.


Okay, sorry I didn't post this last Sunday. I was so tired after the wedding, and then I got swamped with the wedding that just took place last night. So, I have two weddings to talk about today!

Jackie.... Where do I begin???..... Jackie..... We instantly clicked from the first moment that we met at fireflies restaurant in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. I guess you would liken it to love at first sight - you know, if I was a guy or something... LOL! .... But Jackie, we just clicked. After I gave my little spiel, she hired me on the spot. Usually, brides will think about it and get back to me, but not Jackie - she hired me right there before I picked up the check. We were a match made in heaven!

I have to tell you, Jackie was/is one of the most level headed brides I've ever had. That's not to say that my other brides aren't smart cookies; But Jackie always kept the wedding day in perspective. Her husband Josh is a member of the United States Marine Corps. He was in Iraq for a while - I seem to recall that he was in Fallujah.... At any rate, when your husband-to-be is in such a dangerous place doing such a dangerous job, it tends to put a lot of things into perspective.

Jackie was always very excited about the wedding, but she wasn't super crazy. She never asked me if a white limo would clash with her Ivory dress - haha! ..... Sorry to offend anyone that has actually pondered that question....... Jackie is very down to earth, and just very nice. I would love to hang out with her and chill out!

So anyhoo, Jackie had a lot of time to pace herself, and get a lot of DIY projects done. I do believe she made the Invitations; She made the Save the Dates, the Place cards, the menu cards, favor cards, wish tree items, Bridal Party Newsletters, Programs, Rehearsal dinner invites, out of town guest information cards and Table Name Cards!! Can you believe it!!!?!?! .. She had this gorgeous pink and brown color scheme. Stephanie the week before had a chocolate and hot pink color scheme. Jackie's pink was more of a blush color. It was just as pretty.

Jackie hired me for Day of Coordination (which means I pick up one month out), but I helped her with a lot of things before hand. I went to her meeting with the new Catering manager at the Westin, I helped her with Bridal Party and Guest transportation. In addition, I helped her with her linens and other rentals and attended her tasting at the Westin. It was such a pleasure to help her with these extra items. I got to see her several more times before the wedding, and I got to meet her parents before the wedding.

Parent's run the gamut when it comes to weddings. There are some who simply bark orders at me, and there are those who don't say much; Then there are those that cry the whole day or who simply can't believe their children are getting married. Then there are the perfect parents - like Jackie's parents. From the beginning, Glen and Trish were so open and nice to me. I could tell they *really* love their daughter, and wanted her to have a beautiful wedding. Glen in particular was very helpful in getting the transportation flushed out. And, every time I talked to or emailed Glen, he always ended with "your doing such a great job." I can't tell you how much that means to a coordinator. Everyone is usually happy at the end of the wedding, but sometimes our work before the big day can be lost on the wedding party. But her dad always thanked me, and it made me so happy :-) ..... At the rehearsal, Glen had a special toast just for me - to thank me for all of my hard work (the wine was yummy ;-) .... He also mentioned to several guests that I was his hero... Can you believe that?!?!?!? ... He was too sweet. Trish and Glen are GREAT parents!

Okay, so back to this wedding. The flowers were provided by my girls at Petal's Edge. Rebecca led this one, and they really came through with the Cherry blossoms. Jackie's Alter Arrangements and Reception Centerpieces were Cherry Blossoms. For anyone who wants Cherry Blossoms, any florist will tell you it's hit or miss. You are totally at the mercy of the flower gods as to whether they will bloom properly. But, Petal's Edge was fantastic. I adore them. I will continue to write about them EVERY week. Even if I'm not working with them that week.


or, how about this:


heehee... I sound like a girl with a high school crush... :-) ... They are just the bomb...

The photos were provided by Hans Ericsson. I would actually recommend him to future clients, but he's not taking any more weddings after November! He and his wife have decided to quit their jobs, and live on their 27ft boat for 3-4 years. That's right - NOT 3-4 months, but 3-4 YEARS!!! They will start in the Caribbean for about 6 months, then "see where the wind takes them"...... How awesome is that?!?!? ..... Do you *really* know anyone who's actually followed their dreams like that? I promise I'll post pics when they are available, but unfortunately, he's not in the market after November 2006.

Jackie's wedding day was amazing, though. The weather was perfect. The Church was perfect. The Reception site actually turned out to be very beautiful. The promenade was great. The staff over there really went above and beyond. And the DJ kept the guests on the floor all night.

Josh and his Marine Corps buddies were very cool. They even came to my rescue before the rehearsal. My battery went dead, and they immediately gave me a jump. They were pulling up their car even before I got out of my truck! They just knew I needed help! And, I must say, I'm a sucker for a man in uniform. Josh was SO handsome in his blues.

So, I love this bride. Adored her. Still adore her. Want her to work for me when she returns from her honeymoon. Seriously. I'm not kidding ;-)


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Deb & Marc - I coordinated their Ceremony :-)

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Every so often, I am only asked to coordinate a portion of the Wedding. It's very rare, but it does happen. I was hired by Deb one month ago to coordinate the aspects surrounding their Ceremony. They were married yesterday at the 6th & I Historic Synagogue in downtown DC. If you've never been there, I would make a mental note to visit one day. The Synagogue was restored to its former beauty around 2002 (I may be off by a year). The Synagogue is *beautiful*. Serendipity is lucky to have another wedding at the Synagogue next Sunday.

Deb decided that she needed some help because the Synagogue is smack in the middle of downtown. She's been planning this wedding for more than a year I think, and decided a month ago she needed help with the Ceremony. And, she was right to ask for help! One of the Shuttle buses got stuck in traffic and was 25 minutes late. The Ceremony was to start at 6:15. Our Rabbi arrived at 6:25! She was stuck on the Metro. But, it all came together, and the Ceremony was WONDERFUL!

The photographer was the amazing Bill Holland from Holland Photo Arts. I have always admired Holland from afar, but I was able to finally work with them. Ahhh.. I love their work. And, even though I was only facilitating the Ceremony, Bill was fabulous to me. He was so nice - gosh, not uptight at all. You would think amazing artists would be uptight, but not Bill. Bill runs a blog on his website, so when he posts about the wedding, I'll include a link so you can see some of the pictures.

The Videographer was David from Blue Sky Films. We've worked together before, and he's awesome. Well, Blue Sky is awesome. What can I say?!?... I usually work with them about once a month - I love them.

Oh, and the florist was Philippa Tarrant. We worked together several times last year. I must say, Deb's bouquet was really stunning. A mix of hydrangeas and peonies and bells of Ireland. It was gorgeous.

Even though I didn't have any responsibilities regarding the Reception at the Westin Embassy Row, I did meet the Reception Catering Director, Scott Button. He is so handsome, and so nice. There is a cute picture of him in the most recent addition of I DO magazine.

I do wish that I could've spent more time with Deb & Marc's family. Their parents and friends were so nice to me, and I knew that reception was going to be wonderful!

Marc and Deb are great people. They have a fabulous townhome in Arlington - you know, the kind that makes it into magazines :-) ... They were so nice to me, and I know that they will have a wonderful life together. Good luck Deb and Marc ;-)


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