Okay, Okay...... I've finally got pictures for Jackie & Josh!

Friday, June 02, 2006
You know, Jackie's pictures have been available for a couple of weeks now. But, I've just been so busy, I didn't update you guys about them! I know, I'm a slacker ;-)

If you don't know who Jackie or Josh are, you must not read this blog! Scroll down and check out the link to the post about them. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of one of my most "favoritest" brides :-)

All pictures were taken by the free spirit Hans Ericsson :-)


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Beth & Darryl got married - in the midst of Rolling Thunder!

Beth and Darryl got married this past Sunday - during the Memorial Day Weekend. For anyone who lives in this area, you know that Rolling Thunder descends on Washington DC every Memorial Day for their Convention and their demonstration on the Mall. They come for a noble cause - to remember all of the Veterans who lost their lives for America, and to fight for current Veterans who rely on the Government for financial and Healthcare assistance. And for those of you who don't know, Rolling Thunder is a LARGE group of bikers - I may be wrong on this - I don't think everyone has to be a Veteran, but maybe they do. No matter, when you see the sheer numbers, it's staggering. It's funny because the Church that I attend is on East Capitol Street. The bikers go together to meet downtown the morning of the demonstration, and they pass by our Church! On Rolling Thunder days, we have silent prayer for 20 minutes while the bikes pass!

So, back to my wedding. Beth & Darryl had their wedding at the Historic 6th & I Synagogue. We were there on May 20th as well. You can scroll down to find the other post (about Deb & Marc). It's a really beautiful Synagogue. The photographers were Bill & Marie Piaseci - who are so cool, and were so great to work with! We had a picture session, rehearsal and Ketubah signing, all before the Ceremony began! It was a busy day ;-) After the Ceremony, the couple headed to the Jefferson Memorial for pictures.

The Reception was at the Crystal City Hyatt - the headquarters for Rolling Thunder last weekend. They had taken over the hotel! Well, everywhere except our ballroom! Beth & Darryl are Jewish, so we had all of the traditional things going on, including the Ha Motzi, the Horah and the Mezinkah Dance (which is done when the youngest child marries). Their family and friends were actually very cool. They really knew how to have a good time. Every chance they got, they were up dancing to the tunes of NightSong - a great band, by the way. Beth looked stunning - Kelley at FaceMode did her makeup, and Melanie Medeiros did her hair in a gorgeous Jackie O flip.

Beth & Darryl are great - they have very good senses of humor, and they LOVE the Mets! They were introduced at the Reception to "Meet the Mets"!! I thought that was hilarious! And their cake topper was Mr. & Mrs. Met :-) .... All of the guests enjoyed the party, and so did I. Beth and Darryl capped it off with a Candy Bar - which the guests devoured!

Thanks Beth and Darryl for letting Serendipity be apart of your day! I will post pictures when I get some :-)


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My Schedule..... In case you care..... :-)

Sorry, been busy... I promise I'll try to do wedding recaps on Sundays or Mondays, like normal. I have weddings tomorrow (June 3rd), June 10th, June 24th and July 1st.

Serendipity is OFF from July 2nd - August 18th. We won't pick up again until August 19th. I plan to post about some more personal stuff about me and my life during that time, as well as some random things - like this:

I'm sure many of you have seen this before. But, watch this if you have 6 minutes to waste and want to chuckle ;-)


Update! Pictures of Deb and Marc!

Thursday, June 01, 2006
I wrote about the Ceremony that I coordinated on May 20th - Deb & Marc. Well! Bill over at Holland Photo Arts just updated his blog with a few pictures. All I can say is STUNNING!!!!!

I am so in love with their work. Doesn't Deb look amazing?!!?




We never talked about Mia & Jason!

I really didn't start blogging until last August - but not consistently until the Fall! And, I didn't get a chance to really talk about all of our couples. Mia was married to Jason last August and was a SO wonderful. Serendipity only does one wedding per weekend, but this was a rare weekend that we did 2 on the same day. Yes - TWO on the same day. We'll never do that again ;-) I led a wedding at Mount Airy Mansion, while my partner Angel led another at Woodend.

Mia emailed Angel and me about something non-related today, and I thought - man, we never talked about how great she was! So, we asked her for pictures, and here we are.... These are Angel's thoughts below ;-)



Their wedding day was great! Both Mia and Jason are consultants with busy travel schedules, so it was great to be able to put their vision into action, even if they sent their vision from 30,000 feet above!

It was a hot summer day at Woodend Sanctuary in Rockville, MD. I made sure I got there extra early to spray down the place and rid it of any bugs that would be sure to ruin the day! As I arrived looking to meet all of Mia's great vendors, her lighting vendor, Blue Ridge Lightforms out of Charlottesville, VA, was already busy stringing her Asian inspired lantern lighting which would later cast such an amazing soft light over the tent and all of her lavender accents. I even dressed in lavender accents!

Since Mia is Japanese, she was very intent on bringing in small and subtle touches of her Japanese culture into the wedding that included not only the lanterns, but the inclusion of the San San Kudo ceremony. San-san-kudo," -- which translates as "three-three-nine times" -- a bride and groom begin by pretending to pour sake into a three-tiered cup, then actually pour sake into the cup and drink it in three steps. This series of action is performed for each of three cups. Three is a happy number symbolizing heaven, earth, and humanity. Nine is said to be the happiest number of all.

After the exchange of the nuptial cups, the newlyweds are considered officially married. Now the party begins! After having a heck of a time trying to bustle her beautiful dress, Mia and Jason were off to take pictures on the lawn. Those went by pretty quickly as the bridal party was pretty small.

Mia and Jason are so laid back that they knew when they saw me coming for them it was time for the traditional evening events! Mia says "uh oh...time to do something!" They were just having so much fun with their guests, they completely forgot about things like cutting the cake! The cake by the way, was fab! A family friend from North Carolina made the cake...I guess homemade is always better! After the toasts and dinner, Mia and Jason hit the dance floor and never left each others' side...the bride and groom were the last people to leave!

I was very lucky to have been able to be apart of their lives even if it was for such a short period of time. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of this most awesome couple! All of the pictures were captured by Jennifer Domenick


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