Greg Gibson has posted some of Jennie & Tyler's pictures!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Hey, so I just talked about Jennie & Tyler yesterday. Well, er, I posted at 1am this morning.... See the post right below this one :-) .... And Greg emailed me today to say he updated the blog. You GOTTA go look: Greg Gibson's Blog.

His work is just amazing. Aren't Jennie & Tyler just the cutest couple???!?.... Damn, Greg is good ;-)


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Our Supermodel Couple got married :-)

Well, I think Jennie & Tyler would blush at the fact that I call them the "Supermodel Couple." I hate to put them inside such a shallow box; they are one of the most gracious, happy, easy going couples that I have had the pleasure to meet in a long time. But, I must admit, they could be on someone's magazine cover! They are so down to earth, though, and they take those kinds of compliments in stride. If you're not sure which couple I'm referring to, I blogged about them last November: Read about Jennie & Tyler

I have always felt like there are people that you just make connections with. It's not a bad or good thing that it doesn't happen with all people. I like to think I'm a really outgoing, easy to get along with kinda person - and people like to be around me (as I said, I like to *think* that's the case - LOL :-) But, I must say, Angel and I really clicked with Jennie. She's the kind of person that would invite you over to her home, and make you a home cooked meal, with an apple pie to top it off! Well, I'm not sure how good of a cook she is, but I'd eat any meal at Jennie's home! Because Tyler and Jennie have a FABU townhouse in Alexandria. I mentioned that Deb & Marc (May 20th) had a wonderful townhouse in Arlington. Well, Jennie & Tyler have a great one in Alexandria. It's so big, so pretty - and they have a flat screen TV in their kitchen! My husband and I have the same one in our kitchen! I thought it was great! When I went for our 30-day status meeting, Tyler was on the phone fuming with DirecTV, because the Nationals game wasn't on - for some reason he was having trouble with getting MASN! It was funny; He was very nice to me, but he didn't have time for wedding stuff - he needed to get his MASN!! ..... But Jennie was the ever-gracious host, and I appreciated that. They even let me pull into their driveway :-) .... Now, anyone reading this with a home will appreciate this - you *never* like people to pull into your driveway without asking - that's just plain rude! But, Jennie graciously offered it, and I immediately accepted!

Anyhoo, onto the wedding! Saturday started off cloudy, and I thought that it would rain during the day. Angel and I worked out at 6am, and there were sprinkles the whole time. Even though Jennie & Tyler’s wedding was at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, I was hoping it wouldn’t rain on our parade. As the day went on though, the sun definitely replaced the clouds. The Ceremony started at 6pm. I called her Matron of Honor, Skye, at 4:00pm – because I haven’t heard from them all day! Usually, I’ll hear from the bridal party, because something will go wrong! Just read the post about our first wedding this season ;-). But, I hadn’t heard a peep from them! You know what that meant?!!??! Everything was actually going smoothly! I was so excited, I was actually able to enjoy my Saturday before the wedding! That rarely happens, but Jennie has a great aura about her – she’s so easy going, and I just knew things would be fine.

I got to the museum about 4:15pm, and Ridgewells was already setting up. They were so great. I give free vendor recommendations every once I a while – For a great Caterer, you need to contact Meghan over at Ridgewells. She knows how to throw a party! She’s such a great girl, and she was so nice to Serendipity. She viewed us a member of the team, not someone beneath her (which has been known to happen ;-) …. She was so nice and so wonderful, and I will be taking her to lunch soon! She is someone I would love to hang out with as a friend! And, she’s getting married this August, so she knows what couples are going through. She was so attentive to Jennie & Tyler, and I know they were happy with the decision to go with Ridgewells.

Petal’s Edge did the flowers. Anyone who reads this blog knows about my obsession with Petal’s Edge. I get to write it again:


Those are my girls – and they came through again! And, I was lucky enough to get a leftover arrangement from Rebecca – it looks SO loverly in my living room. I look so sophisticated for having a wonderful arrangement of peonies in my living room. They don’t know that I have great friends, who just happened to have an extra arrangement!

So, I must tell you, the photographer was Greg Gibson. This was my first time working with him, and it was a BLAST! He was so cool, and so laid back, and I was so happy to work with him. You know, I worked with Bill at Holland Photo Arts a couple of weeks ago. I worked with Matt Mendelsohn a couple of times this year. And, I had the pleasure of working with Thomas Graves last year. The absolutely AMAZING photographers are the most cool, laid back people ever. They are not pretentious, and it’s really cool. It’s funny – the people with the most talent don’t need to act like idiots…. Their work speaks for themselves :-)

Okay, so back to the wedding: OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG – Jennie had one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. It made me want to get married again, so I could wear that dress! I’m not sure of the designer, but I’ll ask her when she gets back from her wedding. She looked stunning in her strapless dress. And Tyler looked so handsome, it was sickening – LOL! No really, he looked good! He did however, lose his bowtie before the wedding. We don’t really know what happened, but Tyler and another Groomsman couldn’t find their bowties. And you know what???? My wonderful partner Angel ran (literally) to Hecht’s – well now Macy’s – to buy new ones! Two of their ushers ended up giving them their bowties, so the ones Angel brought went to those ushers. Angel was so out of breath!!!!! She got two workouts on Saturday, not one! …. Oh, Angel is my sister, in case you didn’t know! And we fight like sisters! We generally have one fight during each wedding. You know – how should the place cards go? Why didn’t we do this? Why didn’t we do that? You see, we’re both perfectionists, and we’re both Aries! We love to be right – but we love working with each other more ;-)

The wedding was perfect – John Farr did the lighting, and the DJ was Derek Romanoff with Bialek’s. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!!! The guests wouldn’t get off the floor! … I did have to guard Jennie & Tyler’s sweetheart table for 15 minutes – they needed to eat!!!!! I know some of their guests probably didn’t like me at that time, but hey – I needed to make sure the couple ate!!!

I was so honored to be hired by Jennie & Tyler. Jennie will forever remain one of my most FAVORITE brides! I have a few, and Jennie’s in that club – ha-ha! I adore her – for her personality, for her spirit, and her generosity. Jennie and her mom (Mama Derge) were so generous and so kind. And, I did love Mama Derge - she was the consumate host - making sure everyone was having a good time ;-)

Jennie was so cute – she threw the bouquet while the theme to Sex & the City was playing! So, a background story – Derek had a Sex & The City CD, and it had the “Theme to Sex & the City” on it. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t the familiar tune we’re used to when you see the show. As a matter of fact, I’m watching Sex & the City on TIVO now ;-) … So anyway, the song on the CD was some kind of remixed version, and just not right. Well, Derek is amazing; He has a wireless broadband card – during the reception, he went to iTunes, and downloaded a version – the RIGHT one!! And when it was time for the bouquet toss, no one was the wiser ;-) Jennie & Tyler had a great reception exit – they had noisemakers, top hats and tiaras – it was like New Year’s Eve! It was a great newlywed exit, and the brainchild of the bride!

Jennie & Tyler threw a great party! I can’t wait until the pictures are ready. I told Greg that I would bug him incessantly until I got a few pics for the blog ;-) ….. I am sure you can tell when I really click with a bride. This is definitely one of those times. She is amazing, and I am glad that I was able to work with her. I can’t wait for parties at her house – I will definitely be there ;-)


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