Highlight Video for Mareesa & Marlon

Friday, June 30, 2006
Wow - I talked a lot about Mareesa & Marlon who married last August at Meridian House. If you go through the archives, you'll see the old posts ;-)

Well, Mareesa sent me a link to her highlight video that was done by Blue Sky Films. I *love* Blue Sky Films, and I always tell people they are worth the money ;-) ... Well, when you see this highlight video, I think you'll agree!

They look SO great!!!


Mareesa & Marlon's Highlight Video

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Two weekends, two weddings in Baltimore

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
I know, I know, I suck. I *promised* to update the blog on Mondays after the wedding. And then there's NO update after the June 10th wedding. Sorry guys.... Life is busy.... what can I say?!?! .... I have had *so* much going on with Serendipity from an administrative point of view - consultation with new clients, trying to hire an assistant (which I still need), work for my partial clients, etc… So, the point is – I haven’t been sitting around eating bon-bons! I’ve been busy!

So, there’s an update on Serendipity’s schedule: We just got hired for August 5th. So, after our wedding this weekend (July 1st), we’ll be back in action on August 5th :-)

Okay, so let’s talk about these weddings!


The Gramercy Mansion is a Bed and Breakfast housed in a Tudor style Mansion in the green Spring Valley area outside of Baltimore. It really is an interesting place. A very lovely old place. It’s filled with a lot of brick-a-brack, though – Paintings, busts, lifelike children made of clay (no, I’m not joking), stuffed wild game, vintage dolls, and just about anything else you can name. And while it gives it character, a vendor mentioned that she thought the place reminded her of the movie The Shining! I’ve never seen the movie, but she explained the plot to me. She said she stayed at the Gramercy once, and when it was dark, she thought all those stuffed birds and children made of clay were coming to kill her! LOL! I thought it was hilarious! But, let’s just say I’ll only go to the Gramercy when there are lights on……..

We had the Nigerian influenced wedding of Sophia and Craig on June 10th. Sophia and Craig have been dating long distance for quite a while – she was in Graduate School in Pennsylvania, while Craig lived in Baltimore. After they spend the summer together, schooling will separate them again this upcoming semester!

Sophia combined Fuchsia and Orange for a really vibrant color combination. You might think that would be too loud, but it was actually very nice. They also had an awesome DJ – Jerome Cooper of CooperTunes. He’s based out of the DC area like me, but he made the special trip to Baltimore because I asked him to!

This past Saturday, we were back for Melissa Shauna and Brian’s wedding. They actually were a referral from one of our other couples – Bonnie & Mike from August of 2005 (who we love by the way!). Melissa Shauna & Brian hired us in January of 2005. Yes, a full 17 months before the wedding! You sometimes fear that when you get hired so far out from the event, so many things can change/happen. The couple lived in Rockville, and then decided to move to West Virginia! After that, our status meetings took place on the phone, not in person ;-)

As many of you may be experiencing first hand, we have been having torrential downpours. We had to nix doing the Ceremony outside, so we decided to do the Ceremony under the covered Terrace. The Terrace is very nice, except rain was coming in sideways under the tent, and getting some guests soaked! We moved most guests in a bit, and it seemed to work out. In some cultures, rain is considered good luck. If that’s the case, Melissa Shauna and Brian will have luck for the next 75 years!!!

We had a great time during our Baltimore tour! We don’t have any more in that area this year, but it was fun while it lasted ;-)


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