A Regal wedding at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Nneka (Ah-neeka) & Henriot (Ahn-ree-oh) threw a fabulous party on September 3rd at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. We ended up having a great wedding, although the rain *really* threatened to put a damper on the party. If you are local, you may recall that the several days leading up to the Labor Day weekend were filled with rain. The rain just poured, and poured..... and poured. I was *SO* nervous about our wedding would be rained out. Even worse, we were having our Ceremony outside, and I was nervous that the ground would be so wet, we'd have to move things indoors anyway, since it would simply be a mud pile outside. Our rehearsal was at 5:00pm on Saturday. After 3 straight days, we saw the sun *finally* come out! We still weren't out of the woods yet, as it was still threatening to rain again on Sunday.

Sunday started out cloudy, but with no rain. I actually didn't hear from Nneka all morning. It's always GREAT when I don't hear from my brides early - that means they are actually calm ;-) I went over to the hotel about 1:30pm. I arrived in time to see my favorite florists - Petal's Edge. Have I ever said how much I love them? Well, just in case, I'll say it again - I LOVE THEIR FLOWERS :-) They created beautiful arrangements in the bride's red and gold color scheme. Nneka was relaxed and calm, as she and her bridesmaids were getting dressed. I checked in on the progress of the setup in the Reception and Lounge areas. Things were going fabulously. That was until it was 15 minutes before the Ceremony, and the Bride still wasn't in her gown!!! I see this happen ALL the time. The schedule can be going so well, and people so relaxed, and then it all of a sudden hits the ladies that they must get dressed, because we're having a wedding! Nneka's dress was stunning, but it was a little difficult to get on. There was a zipper issue. Now, Nneka has a gorgeous figure, and probably weighs all of 130 pounds, even though she's about 5'9". It definitely wasn't an issue with her! The zipper was simply stuck on the track, and wouldn’t go up more than 3/4 of the way. We ended up camouflaging it, so we could get her down the aisle. We started 20 minutes late. I HATE starting late, although sometimes you can't help it.

We ended up having our fabulous outdoor Ceremony. The Ceremony was officiated by Reverend Wesley Peyton. Reverend Peyton is very good, and also a very engaging guy. I really enjoyed working with him. Sandi Foraci was the photographer. Ahh, Sandi is so sweet, and cute and funny - ANSD GOOD!!! I just love her, and I wish we worked together more. She makes her clients feel so relaxed. I am sure that she will get some fabulous photos. I will bug her for some, and post them as soon as I get them ;-)

For the Reception, we moved into the Diplomat Ballroom. It was decorated so wonderfully. We had John Farr provide the uplighting and gobo (monogram projected on the dance floor) - they were both great. And Elizabeth over at Upper Crust Wedding Cake company provided the cake.

If you're looking for a wedding venue, consider the Omni. The staff is amazing - very attentive to their clients. The food was also to die for. Believe me, I don't normally say that, but the food was *really* good. You also can't beat the outdoor Gazebo location for Ceremonies. Exactly what you'd expect for a romantic wedding.

Once the party started, it was a great party! Henriot is Haitian, so we did have a lot of Haitian music interspersed with the hip-hop and Old School. I have to say, it was very cool. And, Nneka said something very funny to me when the party was over. She said “NO, it went too fast! I don’t want this day to end!!!” I just love it when brides say that. It means that all of their hard work paid off, and they are blissfully happy. I love blissfully happy :-)

We have a wedding this weekend - Stacey & Brian are marrying on September 30th in Old Town Alexandria. It should be very fun. Hopefully I'll blog about it before Christmas - LOL ;-)


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