Wrap-up of the 2006 Season!

Monday, December 25, 2006
Hi Guys ~

Well, I am so sorry that I dropped off the face of the earth for a few months – literally! Most of you don’t know – but I am preggers! Yep – 31 weeks now! It’s actually been a rough pregnancy; this bugger made me quite sick in the first trimester. And, it took me a long time to gain any weight – I actually lost about 15 pounds. Under normal circumstances, that would be a great diet ;-) …. But, when you’re pregnant, that’s not so good. In the best interest of the baby, I had to give up my weddings after November 5th because of some other complications. That was *very* hard, because I adore all of my clients, and I was really upset that I couldn’t personally be there for a few of them. But, the baby will be here in early February; I will be SO happy to see the baby’s face! My husband and I decided not to find out the sex, so we will just have to wait and see ;-)

I am on maternity leave through May. I have two weddings in April, but I won’t take on any new clients who have a wedding before the summer. I know you're thinking - then how are you on maternity leave until May?! ... Well, these clients were booked before the baby was in the picture, and I'll be able to work on those 2 events in the early Spring. But, I do want to make sure mommy and baby have enough time to bond – then I’ll get back to work in full gear! Some of you may or may not have heard that I had to give up some of my 2007 weddings because of a potential surgery I have to have after the baby arrives. I want to let everyone know that my doctor and I have talked, discussed, researched, and have come up with an alternative approach. So, I will not have to take off most of 2007 as some thought. I’m SO happy! I had to give up some weddings, and I wish them nothing but success with the Coordinators they decided to go with. I will keep some remaining weddings, and look forward to servicing those clients.

I know this was a lot of personal information, but I want to make sure the rumors are cleared up and everyone knows that I AM FINE!!!! I look forward to the baby making its entrance into the world, and getting back to my clients!!!

Now, I want to mention the last few weddings I did in 2006. I didn’t give them their just due with blog entries after their wedding.

Stacey & Brian – September 30th, 2006

Stacey and Brian are such a great, laid back couple. When I say laid back, I mean laid back. When you first look at them, they look like that couple who loves tailgating, baseball caps turned backwards, and a mean game of flag football! I’m not sure if they actually play that game, but they remind me of a couple playing that game on the cover of Abercrombie & Fitch!

They had a lovely wedding in Old Town, and then hosted a great party at the Hilton Old Town in Alexandria. I had the privilege of working with Marilynn Spindler from Sandi Foraci Photography. I tell you – I LOVED her! I also worked with Jaime Mizell from Bialek’s for the first time. Jaime (Jay-mee) is a woman, and is one of the best DJ’s I’ve seen. She kicks butt!!!

Stacey and Brian had a theme song – “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Jaime played it twice, and everyone was up for it both times. I remember Stacey and Brian were thinking of ending the party after 4 hours; well, her guests were partying so much, we extended the party for another 30 minutes! And even that wasn’t long enough!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how SEXY Stacey looked in her wedding dress. Although it wasn’t a pure sheath, she reminded me of Carolyn Bassett when she married JFK Jr. She just looked so curvy – she’s a hot mama….. Her theme should have been "I'm bringing sexy back :-)"

Stacey and Brian – thanks so much for the pleasure of working with you. You guys were really awesome!

Jodi & Tom – October 21st, 2006

Jodi and Tom are a cute couple – Jodi is a school teacher in the Fairfax County Public School system, and she epitomizes "teacher" – she has such a calm demeanor. Nothing seemed to bother her, and she had the patience of a saint. And the poor thing she was at school several nights before the wedding creating lesson plans, and making sure the substitute teacher had everything they needed to take care of her class. During a time when all of her thoughts she be on her wedding – Jodi was still thinking of her students.

Jodi and Tom had a wonderful ceremony in Alexandria, and then went over to Fort Belvoir for a party that I never thought would be a cool as it was! Now, don’t get me wrong - Tom and Jodi picked great food and had a great bar. But, Jodi is a DANCING MAMA! She can GET DOWN!! And so can all of her friends! I *never* realized she could dance that well! She was not the same teacher I had been dealing with the months leading up to that wedding. And, Derek Romanoff from Bialek’s was the DJ. You guys may recall we worked together in June at the Derge-Massey wedding. He is in my top 3 of DJ’s. And he knew how to read Jodi and Tom’s crowd, and had them up THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!

Jodi and Tom – you guys are perfect for each other; your personalities complement each other perfectly. Thanks for the opportunity to see Jodi “shake her thang” on the dance floor!

Susan & Todd – November 4th, 2006

Well, lemme just say that this was the “QUINTESSENTIAL WASHINGTON DC WEDDING.” Everything about this wedding was cool. They had their ceremony in upper Northwest. We then moved back downtown to Hotel Monaco for the Cocktail style reception. In addition to Todd working on the Hill, they live 3 blocks from the Capitol. I’m sure they’ve been to their share of stuffy black tie affairs. Well, Todd and Susan were determined to buck that trend. They treated their guests to a amazing cocktail style reception; there was cool lounge furniture, a WELL stocked bar, great food stations, and a band to keep guests dancing all night. Some people may think you don’t eat that much at a cocktail style reception; well, that wasn’t the case at this wedding! There was a sushi station, Mediterranean station and comfort food station that was NEVER empty! The staff at Hotel Monaco did a great job of keeping those stations stocked. Susan and Todd mingled with their guests, and made everyone feel comfortable.

I got to work with one of my favorite photographers – Sandi Foraci!!! I have a girl crush on her – LOL!!!!!! She is just so bubbly and down to earth, and I love working with her! She makes things so easy – she doesn’t miss a shot! Well, maybe there have been one or two shots over her career that she’s missed – but I’ve never seen it ;-) ……

My husband was in the neighborhood, and dropped by for a few to meet the couple and see how fantastic this wedding was! I couldn’t stop talking about it in the weeks leading up to their big day!!! …. My husband rarely comes to my events (He came to one in 2005), but I told him if he was going to be in the area, he *had* to come see this fabulous wedding ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the best things about the wedding – my girls at Petal’s Edge did the flowers!! My girl crush on them is a little deeper than the one on Sandi – LOL!!! But, they did the most AWESOME flower arrangement in a 5 ft martini glass. YES – a 5ft martini glass. It was so cool. When I get a picture from Sandi, I’ll post if for you guys ;-)

Thanks Susan and Todd – you are SO cool, and you had one of the most refreshing weddings I’ve had in a long time!

I will blog this week, in between the Christmas and New Year's Holidays. I have some more great news ;-) I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous holiday. It's rainy out there on this Christmas afternoon; PLEASE be careful, and I can't wait to share the new year with you all!


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