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Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh, did I mention we were selected by the Washingtonian Mag??

Wow, I totally forgot to post about this in January. Well, I was 8 months pregnant, so I think you’ll forgive me!!! Apparently someone likes us – we were selected as one of the best wedding planners in the DC area by the Washingtonian Magazine. I was FLOORED!!! I’ve been in business since 2003, and have done over 100 weddings. I still didn’t think I had enough clout to get into the Washingtonian, but apparently someone thinks I’m halfway decent….. ;-)

Well, enough kidding – I’m actually humbled and honored to be selected by such a prestigious magazine. There are some AMAZING planners (and other vendors) listed in the Washingtonian. I am honored to be listed along side them. If you want to see the 2007 Best of Weddings Guide online, you can click here.

My baby's in pictures!

Well, today I went to the home of Sandi Foraci (Sandi Foraci Photography) for photos of my little Isabella! We had SO much fun! It wasn’t a traditional photo shoot; First, we went to her neighbor’s house to shoot some pictures on their bench. I asked if the neighbors minded Sandi trekking into their yard – she said no; in fact they come out occasionally and join her photo shoots!

Next, Sandi took me on a tour of her gorgeous house. It’s a great rambler that she and her husband have remodeled. It goes to show you don’t have to have the biggest house on the block to have the best house on the block. Her house felt comfortable and warm, just like her. It doesn’t hurt that it looked like it could’ve been on the cover of Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware! It was that gorgeous ;-)

But, I digress! …… after the tour of the house, we didn’t get into stiff, rigid poses. Nope… Sandi decided to lay Bella right on her bed. She then started snapping away. The photo shoot epitomized Sandi’s personality – warm, welcoming and open! She welcomed us into her home like we were family. As a result, she got some great photos. She graciously shared a few with me so I could show you guys!

I am a firm believer in using the vendors that I recommend. Thomas Graves (Thomas Graves Photography) shot my family in 2004. Greg Gibson (Greg Gibson Photography) shot my maternity photos. And now Sandi has taken the first “official” pictures of my baby! I work with so many great photographers. I think I’ll ask the Regeti’s (Regeti’s Photography) to shoot something for me in the near future! So, if you’re looking for a good photographer, I have first hand knowledge that these folks are GREAT!!!!!


Tricia & Jon – 04.14.07

Our first wedding of the season was a beautiful Jewish wedding at Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD. Tricia and Jon are a great couple with GREAT friends and family. Tricia decided on a hot pink and lime color scheme – and as Paris Hilton would say “That’s hot!” Unfortunately, that didn't apply to the weather. We couldn’t have the Ceremony outside as planned. It was a cold and rainy 50 degrees outside. But, Danielle Couick from Catering by Windows turned the Mansion’s Atrium into a BEAUTIFUL Ceremony Site. After the Ceremony, the guests enjoyed Cocktails while the Atrium was again transformed – this time into a gorgeous Reception area. The rain couldn’t put a damper on this wedding!

Tricia looked RADIANT in her strapless gown. Sandi Foraci and Marilynn Spindler (Sandi Foraci Photography) were the photographers for the day. I know the pictures are going to be out of this world! Tricia and Jon are truly wonderful people – it was an honor to work with them!

I also have to say I was SO happy to work with Danielle from Windows again. Danielle really knows how to throw a party. The staff, food, rentals and linens were all fabulous. I also LOVED working with Evan from MyDeejay again. Evan is one of the best DJ’s I have ever worked with. And, wouldn’t you know, he’s a nice guy too ;-)


Carrie & Joe – 04.21.07

We had our second wedding of the season with Carrie and Joe. I tell you, they are one of the most relaxed couple that we’ve worked! The weather was the complete opposite of the weekend before – it was 75 degrees and sunny! Anyone who lives in the DC area can attest to the awful cold weather we’ve had for the last month. We couldn’t WAIT for this wonderful weather this past weekend. Carrie and Joe were married at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. It’s a very beautiful Church on Capitol Hill. While I loved the Church, the Priest – Fr. O’Sullivan was a bit, shall I say, brusque…… Despite that, Carrie and Joe had a wonderful traditional full Catholic Mass.

After the Ceremony, the Bridal Party headed over to the Capitol grounds for pictures. They then headed to the Reception site – Ft. McNair Officer’s Club. The club is undergoing a facelift, and unfortunately there is scaffolding around the entire outside of the building. But, the Bridal party made the most of it – including take pictures sitting on (and jumping off) the scaffolding!

I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of their vendors – Brian Trace from BLM Entertainment. He had the crowd up and dancing the whole night. He was *really* great to work with! He doesn’t have a website, but feel free to email me if you’d like his information. Also, I finally got the pleasure to work with Amy and Srinu from Regeti’s Photography. Their work is more on the artistic side, and it’s actually quite stunning. They have posted some pictures of Carrie and Joe’s wedding –they look AWESOME!!! You can check out their blog ----- Regeti’s Blog. I really enjoyed working with them, and can’t wait to do it again ;-)


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