We've been selected for the Washingtonian again ;-)

Friday, April 18, 2008
Well, I forgot to mention in January that we were selected as one of the best wedding planners in Washington DC again. Isn't that AMAZING!!?!?!? .... I am so humbled and honored that clients and peers in the industry like us - they really like us! ... We are so honored, and believe that we've done a good job of treating our clients really well. When you treat your clients like friends, everything always turns out better!

There are a lot of other vendors listed whom we adore. We congratulate everyone who made the list. But, as an FYI - there are still some FABULUOUS wedding vendors who didn't get selected for the Washingtonian list. That doesn't mean they aren't great.

So, thank you to all who love us - we love you right back ;-)