I know it's been a while, but I'm a momma now ;-)

Monday, April 09, 2007
Hi all!

Gosh, it's been FOREVER since I last blogged! I do have a good excuse --- I had a baby girl on Valentine's Day! Yes, Isabella was born on 02.14.07 at 8:20pm. Now, we'll never have another romantic Valentine's Day again! Well, maybe in 17 years or so - HaHa! ... Nope, we're doomed to Dora, Cinderella or some other character coming into our home for birthday parties every Valentine's Day! Please indulge me ----- I have to show one picture of the kid ... er, umm .. Isabella ;-)

So, she's the reason I have been MIA! I have been trying to get used to being a mom ;-) I do adore her, though, and I love motherhood. We're having professional pictures taken next week by one of my favorite wedding photographers. I will post a few to show off their work when I get the pictures back. I will show you proof that I actually *use* the vendors that I recommend to my clients ;-)

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say I am back! I am still on maternity leave.... Although I have two weddings this month..... Hmm, then that means I'm not on leave then, right?!?!?! ... Nah, these weddings were booked before I got pregnant;-) ... So, I am still honoring those contracts. Actually, it's not a chore, because I love both couples that I'll be working for this month. But, after that, I will not work another wedding until the end of June.

I hope to do some "Spring Cleaning" of sorts. I plan to update the photos in the photo gallery. I will add some testimonials. I will also add a picture of myself in the About Us section - so people browsing can put a face with the name! I will also start interviewing for late 2007 and 2008 clients. I have been laying low, and have a *very* light 2007 schedule. I didn't want to be away from Isabella for too long!

So, sorry for being gone so long. I do have a lot to blog about though (including being selected as one of the best wedding planners by Washingtonian magazine!), so you'll be seeing posts about once a week from now on.

Ta Ta for now ;-)


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