Updated photos - Julie & Jim 11.03.07

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
I got an email from the fantasatic photographer Bill Crandall with some of his favorite photos from Julie and Jim's wedding from 11.03.07 at the Mayflower Hotel. If you scroll down a bit in this blog, you can read about that wedding. When you look at Bill, you wouldn't think he was a photographer. In fact, he kinda looks like an actor to me! ... You know, very handsome - but not pretentious at all ;-) ... I've only worked with him a couple of times, but each time was so smooth and it was such a pleasure. In this business, vendors can get pretty territorial when it comes to weddings. We may all be on the same team, but sometimes some vendors want you to know who's in charge. And I have said this many times - most Coordinators are a wonderful asset to your team. Our job is to make sure your day moves along smoothly and joyously - WITHOUT GETTING IN THE WAY!!!! I give your vendors the information and tools they need to be successful - I don't try to do their jobs. I don't know how to shoot photos, how to shoot video, how to bake a cake, etc; Therefore, I don't try to tell them how to do their jobs!! I think that's why I get along so well with all of the fellow wedding vendors I work with. I make sure they know I am a part of their team, and I will make sure they have whatever they need to be successful.

Ahhh, but I have digressed and completely gone off track!!! The whole point of that diatribe was that I gave Bill the information he needed, then simply got out of the way and watched while he worked his magic - even when noone knew he was doing it. People who are outstanding at what they do usually don't have to shout it from the mountaintops - their work speaks for itself. Look at the amazing work done by Bill Crandall at Julie and Jim's wedding.

(all of the photos were taken by Bill Crandall)

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A Wrap up of 2007 (Even if it is already 2008 ;-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Hi guys ~

I KNOW, I KNOW... It looks like I completely dropped off the face of the Earth. Well, to tell you the truth, I have a kid! ... Now, that's not an excuse or anything. In fact, there are extremely accomplished people who juggle family, professional and social without breaking a sweat. Then on the other hand, there's me!!!! When I'm not working with my Brides, I get so caught up with spending time with Isabella. And unfortunately, all of those "other things" that I usually do have been swept to the side! ... Well, I only have a couple of resolutions for 2008 (in additition to the standard "lose 15 pounds") - If I don't blog after every wedding, I will at least blog once a month, to catch you guys up on what's going on over here at Serendipity!!! Below is a run down of the 2007 weddings I didn't blog about. Some don't have pictures, but I will be sure to post those when the photographers send them my way ;-)


Melanie & Jason – August 18th, 2007
Melanie and Jason were both entrenched in advanced programs at Harvard University when I met them. Yes, I said Harvard! Jason was getting an MBA from Harvard Business School, while Melanie was in her last year as a Law Student at Harvard. These are two smart cookies! … They came to me in March of 2006, looking for a Coordinator to help them plan a Washington DC wedding while they were away at school. I jumped at the chance to work on this wedding.

We immediately ran into problems finding a Reception site, because they had a HUGE guest list. We visited TONS of sites in DC proper, but none fit size wise or price wise. So, Jason ingeniously found out the Westin was building a new hotel in Annapolis, and he worked out a great deal with them. The only catch was we wouldn’t be able to do any kind of walkthroughs/tastings/changes until a month before the wedding – because that’s when the hotel was opening. Talk about a little stressful! But, we went ahead with blind faith, and the Westin came through like pros. The space turned out AMAZINGLY well. It was so beautiful. The food was also impeccable. I have to give kudos to Cathy, the Catering Manager at the Westin Annapolis ~ She is a complete pro, and it was a pleasure working with her.

Melanie looked especially beautiful. Although, this was another stressful point of the wedding. I scheduled trials around her schedule, since she wouldn’t be in town that often. Two trials with a hairstylist did not make Melanie very happy. She trusted me enough to suggest another stylist 2 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING!!! Talk about pressure!!!!! … They treated her so well, and made Melanie looked STUNNING. I am talking about Camille and Diane over at Cole Stevens Salon and Day Spa (Greenbelt, MD). Just look at the photos. She looked so beautiful – these pictures will still be timeless 20 years from now. And that dress – wow – that dress was GORGEOUS!!! … And it looked stunning on her frame. Oh, and Jason cleaned up pretty well on his big day too!

Derek Romanoff provided DJ services – and he was great as usual. I’ve raved about Derek before, but I will rave about him here again. At the last minute, Melanie and Jason decided that they wanted a family friend to give the blessing over the food. I told Derek about the last minute change. I also mentioned that he was a State Representative from his local area. Derek jumped on his wireless connection, read his bio, and gave him an introduction befitting a politician. Everyone was surprised and delighted, and it seemed as if Derek had this information in his hand weeks before the wedding! .. Derek embraces technology in his DJ’ing services, and I just love his ingenuity. He just rocks!

Linda Wallace – the AMAZING photographer out of NC – provided the photography services. I love working with Linda. She is so laid back, and produces stunning photography. I just love working with her, because she’s so flexible. She lives in NC, but does about half of her weddings in the DC area. Melanie and Jason were demanding, but it was all worth it. They had a clear vision of the way they wanted, and I think they achieved that. It was also amazing to see things unfold and see how happy they were on their wedding day ;-)

Angela & Jamison – September 15th, 2007
I met Angela for Lunch one day, and we hit it off immediately. She had seen a review in the Knot, of one of our previous weddings. It was nice that she came in appreciating our work. But, when I met her, I immediately knew I wanted to work with her! … Angela has such an amazing personality, and it’s easy to be her friend!

Angela’s wedding took place at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD. It is a gorgeous mansion, and a wonderful place to have a wedding if you have less than 120 people. The Ceremony took place in the Music room and the guests then moved to the garden for Cocktails. During the Cocktail hour, we got all of Angela’s guests together for a group photo. It turned out amazingly well! Dinner was held in the various rooms of the mansion. Angela did something a little different for her head table. She asked us to set up one long rectangular table that would seat 22 people. It turned out beautifully. Angela had a lilac/deep purple/platinum color scheme. When you have purples and silvers, it can look a little childish/12 year old-ish if your not careful. With the help of the wonderful folks at Party Rental Ltd, Angela picked amazing linens and rentals that made her entire wedding looked sophisticated and “oh so sheik!”

The guests danced the night away to great tunes and even greater company. Kathy Blanchard and her sister Missy took the photos at the wedding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kathy and Missy. Kathy and Missy were selected (again!) as one of the best photography teams by the Washingtonian Magazine; I’ll post pictures soon so you can see why.

I adored Angela, and I hope she and Jamison will be truly happy together. I think that won’t be a problem for them ;-)

Sara & Benny – September 22nd, 2007
Sara and Benny are one of those couples you just want to be around. Just plain and simple. They party hard, play hard and live life in a way that you envy. I met them for dinner a few months before the wedding, and realized that they are such down to earth people! These are the type of people that you just want to have a beer with while hanging out at a tailgate party or something!
The couple hosted their party at Woodend Mansion in Chevy Chase. It was a beautiful background and we were lucky to have GORGEOUS weather! … Spot Floral provided beautiful flowers, in addition to all of the linens and other rentals. Occasions catering provided the wonderful meal.

The Ceremony took place in the Grove, and was led by Calhoun “Callie” Perkins, a family friend. She did an absolutely phenomenal job. I may have mentioned before, that I don’t always listen to the Ceremony. There are so many things that need to be done to get ready for the next phase of the wedding, and I am busy with those things. But, I asked my assistants to take care of those things and I simply sat down and listened to what she said. It was amazing. Very spiritual and very moving.

We had a wonderful cocktail ceremony on the grounds, which led to the reception under the tent. It was a wonderful dinner. The guests then danced the night away to the sounds of the band Nation. They ROCKED!! .. The guests didn’t want to get off of the floor! .. It was so great to see the guests – and the couple – have such a great time.

As a note, I LOVED Sara and Benny’s guests. I got to take pictures with several of her guests. Not because I’m a superstar Coordinator (which I believe in my own head – haha!), but because they were UConn basketball fans. I am not sure if I’ve talked about this in the blog. I played basketball for UConn in the mid 90’s. We won the National Championship in 1995 – we were a perfect 35-0. For those of you basketball geeks, I was on the team with Rebecca Lobo. Anyhoo, some of her guests were huge fans, and knew I played. I got to take a few pictures with them and talk ad-nauseam about UConn!! … I have had UConn fans at 5 or so of the 120 weddings I’ve done. It’s ALWAYS great when we have fans – GO HUSKIES ;-) …. Oh, and er, um, Go Sara & Benny ;-)

Lindsay & Matt – October 6th, 2007
Lindsay and Matt are both lawyers here in Washington DC. I would call them very conservative – to say the least ;-) … They met each other while attending Law School at George Washington University. They are great for each other – great balance of two personalities.

Lindsay and Matt’s wedding took place at the wonderful Ronald Reagan Building in the Pavilion Room. If you have never seen this room, you are doing yourself a disservice! It is a gorgeous space to have a wedding. It was an unusually warm day. In fact, it was hot while the bridal party took pictures around the city! … But, along with the great weather, came a great wedding.

The Christian/Jewish Interfaith Ceremony was a wonderful representation of both faiths. The Chuppah was draped with soft flowing white fabric, and it set the tone for a romantic evening. The folks at the Ronald Reagan Building did an amazing job of flipping the space for the Reception. Courtney, an amazing Coordinator over at the RR Building, led them in making sure the things went off without a hitch. The uplighting also made the space beautiful, warm and inviting.

Lindsay was a little apprehensive about the big Hora! But, much to her pleasure, she was not dropped on the floor! … Once that was over, Derek Romanoff provided DJ services, and he didn’t let anyone down. Derek is an AMAZING DJ, and I am always so happy to work with him!

The “icing on the cake” wasn’t even on a cake at all! The couple really personalized their wedding by NOT having a wedding cake! Instead, they had a candy buffet, which was an absolute hit with the guests! Lindsay has always had a sweet tooth, and wanted a variety of candies she liked at her wedding, instead of cake. Well, it was a great decision that all of the guests appreciated.

Lindsay wanted a warm, welcoming wedding and she delivered on that. I am so honored to have worked with them both ;-)

Julie & Jim – November 3rd, 2007
Julie & Jim are both lawyers here in Washington. On the surface, they appear very conservative. When I met with them at their house, Jim was very pleasant to me, but couldn’t wait to get back to his flat panel LCD TV!! … I think it was a Samsung ~ I’m not sure ~ I just know it was NICE!!.. I wish I could’ve stayed to watch it with them ;-)

One of my previous brides, Stephanie (read the blog entry about Stephanie and Josh from April 2006) referred Julie to me. I am always so happy when former clients refer Serendipity to their family and friends. It’s the biggest compliment I can receive! As an added treat, Stephanie was one of Julie’s Bridesmaids!

Julie dressed in a very simple (and stunning) lace wedding dress with a gorgeous traditional Mantilla veil. She looked absolutely stunning in her simplicity. She reminded me of a Bride that may have walked down the aisle in old world Europe. The dress and veil beautifully complimented her gorgeous brunette hair.

Julie & Jim married at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington. If you have never seen this Church, you MUST visit at least once. It reminded me of Churches I saw when I visited Florence, Venice and Milan, Italy during college. It is one of the most ornate and beautiful Catholic Churches I have ever visited. Msgr. Jameson delivered a wonderful Homily, directed squarely at the couple. It was very timely and engaging. We then enjoyed a full Catholic Mass.

Once the Ceremony was over, the guests walked 2 blocks to the Mayflower Hotel for the Reception. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS hotel. Usually, once you get to a hotel, all of the ballrooms look the same. But not at the Mayflower ~ It was really beautiful. I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Majeed-Ali at the Mayflower – she is an absolute pro at what she does! She made things so easy for us!

I also FINALLY got to work again with one of the best DJ’s in this area – Chris Laich. He’s such a great person (and great family man with 3 kids) ~ not to mention an awesome DJ! He’s listed as one of the best in almost EVERY publication there is, and yet there is not one pretentious bone in his body ;-)

The flowers were done by Barbara Von Elm of Growing Wild. As usual, she did a wonderful job! Finally, Bill Crandall shot the wedding photos. They are stunning. I have asked for a few to post to the blog. Until I get them, you can check out a few of his favorites (mine too ;-) here.

This was Serendipity’s last wedding of the season. It was a pleasure to end on such a wonderful high note. With the Holidays over, it’s time to start gearing up for this 2008 season. I know it will be a fabulous one ;-)


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Lots 'o stuff to talk about ;-)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh, did I mention we were selected by the Washingtonian Mag??

Wow, I totally forgot to post about this in January. Well, I was 8 months pregnant, so I think you’ll forgive me!!! Apparently someone likes us – we were selected as one of the best wedding planners in the DC area by the Washingtonian Magazine. I was FLOORED!!! I’ve been in business since 2003, and have done over 100 weddings. I still didn’t think I had enough clout to get into the Washingtonian, but apparently someone thinks I’m halfway decent….. ;-)

Well, enough kidding – I’m actually humbled and honored to be selected by such a prestigious magazine. There are some AMAZING planners (and other vendors) listed in the Washingtonian. I am honored to be listed along side them. If you want to see the 2007 Best of Weddings Guide online, you can click here.

My baby's in pictures!

Well, today I went to the home of Sandi Foraci (Sandi Foraci Photography) for photos of my little Isabella! We had SO much fun! It wasn’t a traditional photo shoot; First, we went to her neighbor’s house to shoot some pictures on their bench. I asked if the neighbors minded Sandi trekking into their yard – she said no; in fact they come out occasionally and join her photo shoots!

Next, Sandi took me on a tour of her gorgeous house. It’s a great rambler that she and her husband have remodeled. It goes to show you don’t have to have the biggest house on the block to have the best house on the block. Her house felt comfortable and warm, just like her. It doesn’t hurt that it looked like it could’ve been on the cover of Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware! It was that gorgeous ;-)

But, I digress! …… after the tour of the house, we didn’t get into stiff, rigid poses. Nope… Sandi decided to lay Bella right on her bed. She then started snapping away. The photo shoot epitomized Sandi’s personality – warm, welcoming and open! She welcomed us into her home like we were family. As a result, she got some great photos. She graciously shared a few with me so I could show you guys!

I am a firm believer in using the vendors that I recommend. Thomas Graves (Thomas Graves Photography) shot my family in 2004. Greg Gibson (Greg Gibson Photography) shot my maternity photos. And now Sandi has taken the first “official” pictures of my baby! I work with so many great photographers. I think I’ll ask the Regeti’s (Regeti’s Photography) to shoot something for me in the near future! So, if you’re looking for a good photographer, I have first hand knowledge that these folks are GREAT!!!!!


Tricia & Jon – 04.14.07

Our first wedding of the season was a beautiful Jewish wedding at Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD. Tricia and Jon are a great couple with GREAT friends and family. Tricia decided on a hot pink and lime color scheme – and as Paris Hilton would say “That’s hot!” Unfortunately, that didn't apply to the weather. We couldn’t have the Ceremony outside as planned. It was a cold and rainy 50 degrees outside. But, Danielle Couick from Catering by Windows turned the Mansion’s Atrium into a BEAUTIFUL Ceremony Site. After the Ceremony, the guests enjoyed Cocktails while the Atrium was again transformed – this time into a gorgeous Reception area. The rain couldn’t put a damper on this wedding!

Tricia looked RADIANT in her strapless gown. Sandi Foraci and Marilynn Spindler (Sandi Foraci Photography) were the photographers for the day. I know the pictures are going to be out of this world! Tricia and Jon are truly wonderful people – it was an honor to work with them!

I also have to say I was SO happy to work with Danielle from Windows again. Danielle really knows how to throw a party. The staff, food, rentals and linens were all fabulous. I also LOVED working with Evan from MyDeejay again. Evan is one of the best DJ’s I have ever worked with. And, wouldn’t you know, he’s a nice guy too ;-)


Carrie & Joe – 04.21.07

We had our second wedding of the season with Carrie and Joe. I tell you, they are one of the most relaxed couple that we’ve worked! The weather was the complete opposite of the weekend before – it was 75 degrees and sunny! Anyone who lives in the DC area can attest to the awful cold weather we’ve had for the last month. We couldn’t WAIT for this wonderful weather this past weekend. Carrie and Joe were married at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. It’s a very beautiful Church on Capitol Hill. While I loved the Church, the Priest – Fr. O’Sullivan was a bit, shall I say, brusque…… Despite that, Carrie and Joe had a wonderful traditional full Catholic Mass.

After the Ceremony, the Bridal Party headed over to the Capitol grounds for pictures. They then headed to the Reception site – Ft. McNair Officer’s Club. The club is undergoing a facelift, and unfortunately there is scaffolding around the entire outside of the building. But, the Bridal party made the most of it – including take pictures sitting on (and jumping off) the scaffolding!

I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of their vendors – Brian Trace from BLM Entertainment. He had the crowd up and dancing the whole night. He was *really* great to work with! He doesn’t have a website, but feel free to email me if you’d like his information. Also, I finally got the pleasure to work with Amy and Srinu from Regeti’s Photography. Their work is more on the artistic side, and it’s actually quite stunning. They have posted some pictures of Carrie and Joe’s wedding –they look AWESOME!!! You can check out their blog ----- Regeti’s Blog. I really enjoyed working with them, and can’t wait to do it again ;-)


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I know it's been a while, but I'm a momma now ;-)

Monday, April 09, 2007
Hi all!

Gosh, it's been FOREVER since I last blogged! I do have a good excuse --- I had a baby girl on Valentine's Day! Yes, Isabella was born on 02.14.07 at 8:20pm. Now, we'll never have another romantic Valentine's Day again! Well, maybe in 17 years or so - HaHa! ... Nope, we're doomed to Dora, Cinderella or some other character coming into our home for birthday parties every Valentine's Day! Please indulge me ----- I have to show one picture of the kid ... er, umm .. Isabella ;-)

So, she's the reason I have been MIA! I have been trying to get used to being a mom ;-) I do adore her, though, and I love motherhood. We're having professional pictures taken next week by one of my favorite wedding photographers. I will post a few to show off their work when I get the pictures back. I will show you proof that I actually *use* the vendors that I recommend to my clients ;-)

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say I am back! I am still on maternity leave.... Although I have two weddings this month..... Hmm, then that means I'm not on leave then, right?!?!?! ... Nah, these weddings were booked before I got pregnant;-) ... So, I am still honoring those contracts. Actually, it's not a chore, because I love both couples that I'll be working for this month. But, after that, I will not work another wedding until the end of June.

I hope to do some "Spring Cleaning" of sorts. I plan to update the photos in the photo gallery. I will add some testimonials. I will also add a picture of myself in the About Us section - so people browsing can put a face with the name! I will also start interviewing for late 2007 and 2008 clients. I have been laying low, and have a *very* light 2007 schedule. I didn't want to be away from Isabella for too long!

So, sorry for being gone so long. I do have a lot to blog about though (including being selected as one of the best wedding planners by Washingtonian magazine!), so you'll be seeing posts about once a week from now on.

Ta Ta for now ;-)


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Monica & George!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006
Okay, before I begin, I posted an entry about another wedding this evening too. Make sure you scroll down and read it too, or click here. The wedding is about my August 5th, Brandi and Brian.

Okay, on to our last wedding. The wedding of Monica and George. I would characterize this wedding as "My Big Fat Catholic Philippino Wedding" - yeah, hilarious, right?!? Monica's family is Philippino - in fact, many of her family flew in from the Philippines for the wedding.

Monica hired us back in January - she was HILARIOUS from the first moment my sister and I met with her at the Galleria Starbucks. At the time, she was in her last semester of law school. She is a self-admitted slacker and sometimes a bundle of nerves. But, I felt like I *had* to work for her. She's the type that will just make you laugh - whether she's talking about herself or something completely random!

Anyhoo, she asked us to pick up 45 days out (we usually pick up 30 days out for Day of Coordination), because during July, she would be knee-deep in studying for the bar. Well, she wasn't lying! I met with Monica and George before the bar - but let's just say she only gave me about 30% of the info I needed! But, it was okay, I started cobbling together her timelines from the sparse packet of info she gave me, as well as emails she sent me. And, I got right on top of her other vendors. I must say though, she picked good vendors, and it was actually a pleasant experience working with them.

Even though she's a self-admitted slacker, she really pulled together a great wedding. The Ceremony was at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in downtown DC. It is a STUNNING Church. If you've never been there, you should really visit. Monica and George had a full Catholic Mass. If you've never been to a full Catholic wedding, it's not the quick wedding that you'd see on TV. There are 1st and 2nd Readings, in addition to the Gospel reading and Homily (words to the Congregation) by the Priest. Then the Rite of Marriage commences - it may or may not be capped with a kiss. What then follows is the rest of the traditional Catholic Mass - the Rite of Communion. That will take another 25 minutes. In total, the wedding will usually last about 1 hour, sometimes 1 hour and 15 minutes. That's a lot different than the 15 or 20 minute services that some people have. But it was beautiful and moving. I was glad to witness it.

After the Ceremony, we had a TON of pictures. I mean lotso pictures. Did I say it was a lot of pictures?!?? ... I was exhausted! After that, we put the guests on the Shuttle buses provided by the couple. Except there were a few more people who wanted to get on the bus than originally anticipated. So, I ended up driving a few of the guests to the reception at Fort McNair!

The Reception at Fort McNair was great. If you're never been there before, it's a great historic building right on the Potomac River. I tell you, the government has the best real estate! It is said that the building and a few others are haunted by Mary Suratts (the mother of John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln's Assassin). Apparently, she was hanged in the galley that once stood where the base tennis courts are presently situated. Those courts are right next door to the Officer's Club. Is it true? I dunno; I've been there for afternoon and evening weddings - I've never seen anything - but that doesn't mean I don't get escorts to my car when it's late at night ;-)

Anyhoo, Monica and George provided a wonderful buffet lunch for their guests. And the DJ, Brennan Sullivan from Bialek's, did a good job with the music. I even got out on the dance floor for the "Cha Cha Slide!!" One of the flower girls begged me - I couldn't say no to a little girl!

When I get more pictures from Deb Lindsey, I'll let you know. But, she did manage to send me one. Deb is the Sports photo editor for the Washington Post. This is my first time working with her, and she was amazing! I have already referred her to another set of clients! She got hired by them yesterday ;-)

Monica and George were a great couple to work for. They definitely kept the day in perspective; they had great weather and it turned out to be a wonderful wedding! Thanks Monica for hiring me! You really are a cool chick, and I absolutely LOVED you!

Okay, sorry for being such a slacker on the posts. I've been swamped lately. And all I've wanted to do is sleep. I have a wedding on Sunday. I PROMISE I'll post about it by Wednesday ;-)

Ta Ta for now ;-)


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WUSA-9's A Team

Friday, July 28, 2006
Well, we've been nominated for some "apparently" prestigious list of best businesses in DC. Serendipity Special Events has been nominated for Channel 9's "A Team" as one of the top wedding planners in the DC area.

HeeHee.... I just think it's funny.... I never know who really runs these lists, and should I fret if we're not one of the A Team? I thought that was Mr. T's territory?!?!?

HaHa!... Anyway, I digress. We would love it if you voted for us. From all 7 of your emails addresses :-) ..... Click the image below and you'll be transported to the site - then click that little button that says VOTE!

We think it's just cool to have our name out there.... somewhere.... anywhere..... :-)

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Greg Gibson has posted some of Jennie & Tyler's pictures!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Hey, so I just talked about Jennie & Tyler yesterday. Well, er, I posted at 1am this morning.... See the post right below this one :-) .... And Greg emailed me today to say he updated the blog. You GOTTA go look: Greg Gibson's Blog.

His work is just amazing. Aren't Jennie & Tyler just the cutest couple???!?.... Damn, Greg is good ;-)


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Update! Pictures of Deb and Marc!

Thursday, June 01, 2006
I wrote about the Ceremony that I coordinated on May 20th - Deb & Marc. Well! Bill over at Holland Photo Arts just updated his blog with a few pictures. All I can say is STUNNING!!!!!

I am so in love with their work. Doesn't Deb look amazing?!!?




Check out our Supermodel couple!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Well, they aren't really supermodels, but they should be. Our bride Jennie contacted us to tell us that her Engagement pictures were up. I love pictures, so I usually stop whatever I'm doing to take a look. Gosh, they are AMAZING! I emailed Jennie and told her (and I quote):

Damn - your man is HOT!! Good choice, girlfriend ;-)

I mean it, what a hottie. And she is so good looking herself. Can you imagine what Jennie and Tyler's kids will look like?!? ... They will pop out being Ralph Lauren models - HaHa!

Anyway, I immediately asked if I could post some of their pics to the blog, because they are stunning. The photographer is Greg Gibson. We haven't had the pleasure of working with him before, but I can't WAIT now! Look at the pictures and tell me what you think. Feel free to post comments on them. He's a Pulitzer Prize winner... Yes, you read that correctly - he is THE MAN......!!!!! Jennie and Tyler are marrying next Summer - I know their photos will definitely make it into our Gallery ;-)

My favorite pic is the one with Jennie kicking her heel up - that one is priceless. You can contact Greg on his website: Greg Gibson Photography

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